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The King's Own

Raised at the beginning of the 225th anniversary cycle of the American War for Independence, HM 4th Regiment of Foot recreates a Light Infantry Company of British Regulars as they appeared between 1771 and 1783.


Emphasizing camaraderie and fellowship, the recreated King's Own strives to represent the entirety of life in the British Army, showcasing not only the soldiers, but the women and children who followed the Army as well.

Events range from battle reenactments, and living history displays, to parades and other civic functions. However, no matter the nature of the event, the King's Own strives to educate the audience and shed light on Britain's role in the establishment of the United States.

2022 Lexington Green.jpg

The group places a strong emphasis on historical accuracy. This requires extensive research on not only the Regiment portrayed, but on British and North American society as a whole. Journals, diaries, orderly books, and other such documents provide useful incite to foodways, equipage, and customs in order to get a well rounded look at 18th century military life.


Given the nature of the activity, all equipment must be made "in-house" or purchased from 

skilled artisans, leading many members to learn trades such as tailoring, leather working, and hatting. The King's Own is always working to improve the impression based on the latest research in order to respectfully portray our forebearers.

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